OEM Parts

OEM parts offer a wide range of products, which includes a carefully tested range of top-class spare parts at extremely attractive prices. Each of the available structural elements of the truck in this sector guarantees reliable operation in the most adverse conditions, comes from reliable suppliers and manufacturers of components for vehicles such as: MAN, SCANIA, VOLVO, IVECO or MERCEDES.


Why choose OEM replacements for trucks?

In the event of technical faults in the truck, vehicle owners can opt for original OE parts or OEM replacements. Tractor or semi-trailer failures are major difficulties for industries in which an efficient fleet of vehicles is the basis of their operation and revenue generation. Every day of downtime is associated with enormous losses. In addition, truck repairs are not among the cheapest — often spare parts and labor are counted in thousands of euros. One way to reduce operating costs is to use cheaper OEM parts when you need to repair your vehicle.


When will alternative spare parts be better than OE?

If the tractor is no longer under warranty, it is safe to obtain alternative spare parts, provided they come from a reliable source. This is due to the fact that OEM parts and OE parts, very often differ only in the absence of their logo of the car manufacturer, and in terms of technical specifications, construction requirements, they are as good as the originals.

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